Top 10 Highest Paid Hong Kong Actors List

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Here the 10 best highest paid Chinese actors list, see the list your favorite actors salary is not true you will write a comment and mention correct salary then i will change it.

This list i have so search in the internet and i will try correct salary of actors.

Top 10 Highest Paid Hong Kong Actors List

 #Top 1. Jackie Chan : HK$. 117 million

The Famous and Leading Chinese actor Jackie Chan has paid 117 million per a film became the highest-paid actors in Hong Kong Film Industry.

Jackie Chan born 7 April 1954 in Chan Kong-sang. Jackie Chan married Lin Feng-Jiao a Taiwanese actress.

Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong actor, action choreographer, filmmaker, comedian, director, producer, screenwriter, entrepreneur, singer and stunt performer.

Jackie Chan came to Hollywood after being successful in Hong Kong, He performs all his amazing stunts and brings awesome his movies in her carer.

Jackie Chan has been acting  in over 100 films. He act 100th film 1911 or The 1911 Revolution this film release in 29 September 2011. He acted many films hit in worldwide and he received many awards his film for her acting performance.

 #Top 2.  Jet Li: HK$. 78 million

The Chinese actor Jet Li has whopping paid 78 million per a film became the second highest-paid actors in Hong Kong Film Industry.

He has married to Nina Li Chi, Hong Kong-based actress. He has two daughters with her as well, Jane and Jada.

Jet Li is a Chinese actor, film producer he born April 26, 1963 in Beijing. He made his debut Chinese film with the 1982 Shaolin Temple.

Jet Li made his first debut Hollywood film Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) and he play a villain role in this film.

He act in 2002 Chinese film Hero the commercial and critical success and became the highest-grossing motion picture in Chinese film history at the time and he earned 70 million.

Jet Li has many identities – wushu champion, kungfu superstar and film producer. He is famous in his own chosen martial arts like Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee.

 #Top 3. Chow Yun-fat : HK$. 62.4 million

The Hong Kong actor Chow Yun-fat  is paid  62.4 million per a film.

Chow Yun-fat  is born May 18, 1955 in Lamma Island.

He has been married Two times, first in 1983, to Candice Yu  an actress from Asia Television Limited and second marriage in 1986Jasmine Tan. Currently, the couple have no children, although Chow has a goddaughter, Celine Ng, a former child model for Chickeeduck and other companies.

Chow Yun fat has appeared in over 80 films and 24 television series.

He is a three time best actor in drama category having garnered award in Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Award for “Best Actor” in Taiwan.

 #Top 4. Donnie Yen: HK$. 56 million

Hong Kong top action star Donnie Yen is paid  a whopping  56 to 66 million per a film in Hong Kong film Industry.

He was born in Canton, China, on July 27, 1963. He married Cecilia Cissy Wang in Toronto in 2003. Cecilia Cissy Wang was the winner of the 2000 Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant,  “Miss Vitality” and “Miss Perfect Figure” awards. Donnie Yen have a 2 children, daughter is Jasmine, (born in 2004) and a son is James( born in 2007).

Donnie Yen is a Actor,  film director and producer, action choreographer.

When he was sixteen, his parents sent him to Beijing Wushu Academy so he could train Chinese MA under Master Wu Bin, well known as the coach of Jet Li.

 #Top 5. Louis Koo: HK$. 40 million

Famous actor of the Hong Kong film industry Louis Koo  is paid 40 million per a film.

He was born 21 October 1970 in Hong Kong. He is a Actor and  the television series actor,

Louis focused on the comedy genre, the first being La Brassiere. He also appeared in several of the Troublesome Night movies, a series of popular Hong Kong style horror films.

Louis Koo began his career as a fashion model and a karaoke MTV actor before becoming a contract artist with TVB in 1993.

His most recent screen character as a drug addict in Protégé transcended from his usual charm and wit performances, as he attempted to forego his hunky image.

 #Top 6. Stephen Chow: HK$. 31.2 million

The King of Comedy Stephen Chow has paid 31.2 million Hong Kong dollars per a film.

Stephen Chow Sing-Chi was born 22 June 1962, Hong Kong.

He is a Hong Kong actor, comedian, screenwriter, film director and producer. In 1987, Chow entered into the movie industry through the film Final Justice.

 #Top 7. Tony Leung Chiu-Wai: HK$. 20 million

Tony Leung has paid 20 million Hong Kong dollars per a film.

He has born 27 June 1962 in Hong Kong, he is married Carina Lau on 21 July 2008.

He is a film actor, singer and former TVB actor. Tony became a TV actor and became famous for his comedy style in such TV shows as Lu ding ji (1983) or Jue dai shuang jiao (1979).

In Hong Kong, he is called Short Tony to distinguish him from fellow actor Tony Leung Ka Fai, known as Big Tony.

 #Top 8. Aaron Kwok: HK$.19 million

Hong Kong famous actor Aaron Kwok is paid 19 million.

Aaron Kwok Fu-shing has born 26 October 1965 in Hong Kong.

He is a Actor, dancer and singer. He began his career as a Singer in Taiwan.

he won the Golden Horse Best Actor Award in consecutive years (Divergence in 2005; After This Our Exile in 2006), and is recognized as one of Asia’s best actor at the moment.

 #Top 9. Jay Chou: HK$. 12 million

Taiwanese star Jay Chou is paid 12 million per a film in Hong Kong Film Industry.

Jay Chou born 18 January 1979  in Linkou, Taipei County, Taiwan.

He is the Musician, singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, rapper, DJ, music video director, film director, music arranger, model, screenwriter, actor. He won the World Music Award four times.

He Entry into acting was an unexpected move for Chou. In 2005, Chou’s debut film  Initial D.

 #Top 10. Nicholas Tse: HK$. 8 million

Nicholas Tse is paid 8 million per a film in Hong Kong Film Industry.

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung  was born in Hong Kong on the 29th August 1980. His father actor Patrick Tse and Mother actress Deborah Lee.

He Married Cecilia Cheung on 18 September 2006. He had  2 children son, Lucas, was born on 2 August 2007 and second son, Quintus, on 12 May 2010.

He is Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Actor, Director, Producer, CEO. Nicholas started his singing career around 1997.

Nicholas Tse’s most notable action films are Dragon Tiger Gate, Gen-X Cops, Young and Dangerous: The Prequel, and Invisible Target.

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