Top 10 Highest Paid Sandalwood Actors List 2010 -2011

Top 10 Highest Paid Sandalwood Actors List: Here the list taken actors how much paid per a movie. Visitors are see the our favorite celebrity Salary per a film. I am very search in the net for all actors salary but all theses actor salary is not conform (perfect).

Actors salary is changed for any time, then visitors write post a comment for actor perfect salary i will change it.

Top 10. Diganth Rs 20 lakh and below

Diganth will be paid a whopping Rs. 20 lakh per a movie. Diganth 2010 kannada film Pancharangi has completed 50 days and it fared well at the box-office.


Top 9. Ajay Rao:Rs. 20 lakh

Ajay Rao will be paid a whopping Rs. 20 lakh per a movie. Ajay Rao 2010 film Krishnan Love Story has completed 100 days and has been declared as a ‘Hit’ at the box office.


Top 8. Yogish  Rs. 20 to 30 lakh and below

Yogish  will be paid a whopping Rs. 20 to 30 lakh per a movie. Yogish 2011 Hudugaru is film has Block Buster. Completed 100 days,.


Top7. Ganesh:  Rs. 50 lakh

Golden star Ganesh will be paid a whopping Rs. 75 lakh per a movie. Ganesh 2010-2011 Maleyali Jotheyali, Eno Onthara, Cool…Sakkath Hot Maga, Maduve Mane films are flop or average grosser of sandalwood.

Top 6. Upendra:  Rs. 75 to 1 lakh

Super star Upendra will be paid a whopping 75. lakh per a movie. Upendra Super film was released on 3 December 2010. The film grossed over Rs. 50 crores and has been declared one of the biggest blockbusters of Sandalwood.

Top 5. Shivaraj Kumar: 91 lakhs

Hat-trick hero Shivaraj Kumar is reportedly being paid a whopping amount of Rs. 91 lakhs. He is getting paid per a movie Rs. 91 lakhs his role in director R Chandru movie Mylari Released on Nov 2010and this film has been declared ‘Hit’ of sandalwood.

Top 4. Sudeep:Rs 1-crore

Kiccha Sudeep will be paid a whopping Rs 1-crore bracket. He has done a 24 movies, and he had got a hatrick film fair award for the movies. Kempe Gowda is a Sudeep 2011 Kannada action film has been declared blockbusters of Sandalwood.

Top 3. Darshan: Rs 1.5 crore

Challenging star Darshan charging up to Rs 1.5 crore per film. Darshan upcoming Saarathi was released on 30 September, 2011 this Movie Completed 50 days in 93 theaters which is a record In Kannada Film Industry.

Top 2.Vijay: Rs. 1.5 crore

Duniya Vijay is will be paid Rs. 1.5 crore for a film. Vijay is the second highly paid Kannada actor and the Duniya star himself has confirmed that he is charging Rs. 1.5 crore for a film. Vijay  Johny Mera Naam Preethi Mera Kaam is a 2011 Kannada film has completed 100 Days.

Top 1. Puneet Rajkumar: Rs. 2.07 crore to Rs. 3.5

Puneet Rajkumar will be paid Rs. 2.07 crore for a film. Puneet Rajkumar Getting Rs. 2.07 crore for his film Prithvi Directed by Jacob Varghese, this movie Released on 2010. Powerstar Puneet Rajkumar is getting Rs. 3.5 crore for his Paramathma Movie.

Puneet Rajkumar Prithvi, Jackie, Hudugaru and Paramathma 2010-2011 films has Blockbuster.

Puneet has become the heighst paid actor in Kannada film industry.

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44 Responses to Top 10 Highest Paid Sandalwood Actors List 2010 -2011

  1. Sagar says:

    Puneet . . , rocks my fevorite . . . . . . . . U have to take 5 crore

  2. i think punit rajkumar is d best actor in kannada.his dancing steps r one can beat puneet rajkumar in kannada.he is d maestro of acting,stunts,dancing.

  3. Shilpa. G says:

    Appu (Puneeth Rajkumar) is one of the best actors in Kannada Film Industry. He has amazing acting skills. He is the best actor and dancer. He rocks in every movie he does. He is Awesome and fantastic Hero. In his movie Pritvi, he has performed really magnificient. Kannada industry must be proud to have him. His contributions are outstanding. I have less adjectives to say about him. Appu, Pritvi, Vamshi are my favourites. He should be awarded for every movie he has done till date. God bless him with long life, happiness and success always. Wish to see him once in my life time. God bless Appu.

  4. Shilpa. G says:

    Appu is an unbeatable Hero. He should charge more than 10 crores for his movies. His dialogues , his dance his expressions are simply superb.

    • Puneet only has his backgroud…thats it…he cant act well…I challenge all will prove….except bangaloreans…

      • Shilpa. G says:

        Yes, Appu has background , thats right. But all actors who have their background are not successful, coz they lack acting skills, unlike Appu is the Real hero, he has beaten all heroz in kannada industry. His acting is natural , he need not rehearsel regularly, thats what a Hero requires. God Bless him.

  5. Dear All,

    there is no one can beat Kicha Sudeep,as he is a multitalented actor in the South India,
    I Bet….can Puneet,Darshan get a chance in Telugu,Tamil,Hindi…..Its only Sudeep proves
    Can other super heroes direct the movies??????excepet sudeep & Uppi sir.
    we should always look at the acting skills not the films…..only thing is industry is not supporting upcoming actors to come up….

    Sudeep & Uppi sir we all love you….

  6. Sudeep is the top actor in kannada industry…becoz he is multitalented…can any heroes direct the movies like sudeep…he needs always perfection in the movies ….Y people discourage him dnt knw!!!!
    Puneet & Darshan have the backgrounds thats it….they cant act properly….I bet

  7. Muniraj says:

    Pls change dis coz nw Darshan Boss remuneration s 3crore so Boss s 1st no1 can beat him……………Darshan always rocksssss……

    • Shilpa. G says:

      Appu will remain the number 1 actor in Sandalwood. Its default that he will be the highest paid actor in kannada industry coz of his performance. ” PERFORMANCE GROWS”. God Bless Appu

  8. syed shavali says:

    Darshan is leading actor in kannada industry and also he is a top Darshan is favourate actor for our family.

  9. manjunath says:

    Puneeth came to industry by using his influence, that is right. But without good performance, nobody can stay for long time. He has good skills in dance, acting, fights. He has no egoes, no controversies and he is a good man. He is the number one hero in industry.

    The one who has equal performance to puneeth is Vijay Raghavendra, but ha doesn’t has luck.

  10. Arjun says:

    hai sir its me one of the great fan of you sir…… powerstar puneeth rajkumar ge jai………. sir i want see you once……..

    • Shilpa. G says:

      Yeah Manjunath is right. Appu is a rockstar. He is a gud person by his nature, though he has all this fame, but he never carry attitude. God Bless Appu. Wish to see him once in lifetime :)

  11. Shilpa. G says:

    Hey Appu, Wish u a very happy birthday n many more birthdays in ur life.. May u hv a long life. May u enjoy ur life vit sweet chocolates and lovely birthday cake. may the year ahead brings u lotz of happiness n success all thru ur life.God bless u dear

  12. Shilpa. G says:

    Yaare kugaadali will definately be a superrrrrrrr hit movie, Appu rocks in that movie…
    His acting deserves an award. cheers Appu!!!

  13. Shilpa. G says:

    Appu is the God given gift to Sandalwood:)

  14. Shilpa. G says:

    Hey Appu, better late than never! Wish u a very happy birthday! may god give u worldz best and bless u with health and wealth. may u carry that never fading smile on ur face. hope u hv had a blast today with bday cakes and chocolates! njoy n take care! wish u many more bdayz in ur life. god bless!

  15. niranjan says:

    Hello everybody kicha sir got abt 5-10 for eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeega.
    And abt 3 for bachhhhhhhhan

  16. niranjan says:

    Its in crores ok

  17. darshan says:

    dude remember producers of eno onthara had problem wit ganesh after paying him 1cr fr that was a famous controversy ..i know perfectly ganesh s payment in 1cr that time and now he’s charging 1.7to 2 after success of auto raja..its 200% pakka news

  18. Shashi Kumar says:

    In kannada industry appu (Power star) is only best actor and good human… he is superb actor… Punit rajkumar is the top most hero in Kannada industry.. He is superb in dacing, Fights, singing song, acting in all areas he is superb.. no one is better than him .. Appu the Best

  19. Govindaraju says:

    no one can beet raj family,appu & Shivanna amazing actors.

  20. Rabbu says:

    King of Kannada Industry Darshan

  21. Jp says:

    Louda go and do ur works
    discussing such things wont fetch a thing

  22. Basu doddamani says:

    Hey Shilpa i think you will not see any other hero movie except appu first watch Sudeep anna films and next give ur comments ok.

  23. Jilan says:

    Hi guys listen here, no one can breaks the KICCHA rec0rd.. He s the m0st populor actor in our INDIA. His upcoming movies like Bahubali, Kotigobba and MANIKYA get rates 6 crs mind it..

  24. suri says:

    yes medams & respected sirs .that’s y last 3 years appu. films utter flop .see darshan & sudeep and learn. not only money how to save producer also important. appu now become a pappu.

  25. suresh says:


  26. shantha kumari says:

    Darshan is rocks love u.

  27. shantha kumari says:

    Challenging star darshan love you.

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